Loving after divorce

Separated at 32. Divorced at 33. Dating at 34. Not really how I imagined my life going. Toss in single motherhood, trauma, PTSD, and overwhelming grief. I stood staring ahead at my new life wondering how I got here and where I am going to go. In the beginning, I was optimistic. Reading others stories … More Loving after divorce

When I say thank you

I downloaded the album of O.A.R’s Live on Red Rock’s and after one of the songs, the lead singer, Marc Roberge, says a few words of appreciation. “I am going try to put words together here, but the most basic and the most simple thing I could possibly say is thank you, thank you, thank … More When I say thank you

Here I am at 35

Well dang. That happened quickly. 35. Yesterday, I was 32 and facing a divorce. Last week, I was 28 preparing for the birth of my first son. Last month, I was 25 planning my wedding. Last year, I was 21 living my best college life. I remember facing my 30th birthday with horror. I didn’t … More Here I am at 35