30 days of gratitude made me more present in my everyday life

I have never been one for gratitude. Now, don’t take me wrong. I am a firm believer in being thankful and showing my gratitude towards others. Every morning, I tell God thank you for this day and what my life includes. Also, I am prone to show gratitude in little acts of love. But the … More 30 days of gratitude made me more present in my everyday life

Saving myself

I am a saver. I tried to save my marriage. I tried to save my former husband. I tried to save my little family we created. I tried to save the image and dream I thought I wanted for my life. I tried by loving fiercely. Living in fear. Controlled by insecurities. Tightening the hold … More Saving myself

Pride and Prejudice

I know I have said it again and again. I have changed in the last two and half years. Radically. Evolving still. Into someone I never knew I could be. I was stripped of everything I once was. Rising from the ashes. There are times I think back and I am flabbergasted of myself. A … More Pride and Prejudice

A love letter

My loveliest Katie, I read somewhere that I should write a love letter to myself. This letter contains all the words and expressions of love that my heart desperately longs to hear from a man, a boyfriend, a partner, a husband, or whoever. Words that I have never received. Sounds silly. I brushed it off, … More A love letter