Healing is…

Healing is… Messy. Ugly. Embarrassing. Because one must break and let all of what is rotting inside out. Crying on the closet floor. Saying words that are coated with bitterness and resentment. Voicing the deepest, darkest thoughts, that are buried so far down light never hits, out loud. Bringing out the worst in a person. … More Healing is…

30 days of gratitude made me more present in my everyday life

I have never been one for gratitude. Now, don’t take me wrong. I am a firm believer in being thankful and showing my gratitude towards others. Every morning, I tell God thank you for this day and what my life includes. Also, I am prone to show gratitude in little acts of love. But the … More 30 days of gratitude made me more present in my everyday life

When I say thank you

I downloaded the album of O.A.R’s Live on Red Rock’s and after one of the songs, the lead singer, Marc Roberge, says a few words of appreciation. “I am going try to put words together here, but the most basic and the most simple thing I could possibly say is thank you, thank you, thank … More When I say thank you

Here I am at 35

Well dang. That happened quickly. 35. Yesterday, I was 32 and facing a divorce. Last week, I was 28 preparing for the birth of my first son. Last month, I was 25 planning my wedding. Last year, I was 21 living my best college life. I remember facing my 30th birthday with horror. I didn’t … More Here I am at 35