A former perfectionist finding my way in this world.

Momma to two boys who fill my days with laughter, love, and crazy antics.

I have been navigating my way through a separation and divorce while finding myself again.

I am a lover of the Lord and his son Jesus.

I speak the truth, share my fears, keep it real, and always find the beauty that is the darkness.

I am the face of depression with anxiety.

I am a lover of coffee, ice tea, sweets, romance novels, movies, music, craft beers, wine, chapstick, and naps.

I am learning to like being outdoors more, playing sports with my boys, and wearing a swimsuit.

I have three tattoos and want more.

I am loud and slightly vulgar. I swear. I laugh. I embarrass myself daily. I am quick to smile. And I like to make others smile.

I love being a mom. It is what I was made for.

I got my start over at Her View From Home. I still contribute because I love it and am so honored to be a part of that special tribe.

I invite you to come along on this roller coaster of a life I am living. I pray that you find comfort and friendship with me.